About Me

Welcome. I’m Stevie MacFarlane and in the world of romantic fiction, I guess you could say I’m a newbie. My first novel, CHANGING HER MIND, was published in May of 2012 and I have written three more since then. It seems that once I add new characters, they begin to demand their own story and don’t rest until I have given in. What started as a love story between one man and one woman became a series about a large Irish Family, The O’Malley’s. Fortunately, I have experience with large families and have somehow managed, I think, to keep everyone straight. In reality, it’s common to have a weekend gathering with twenty-five plus people at our house and on holidays that number generally goes up.

Sunday dinner at The O’Malley’s is very much like the dinners we had when I was growing up. There was always church in the morning, the only excuse for not attending being death, followed by a family dinner served on my Grandmother’s good china. I have never forgotten being stuck at ‘the children’s table’ with my sisters and cousins so there is no children’s table at The O’Malley’s. Everyone has a seat, as they do in my own home, even if we have to put three tables end to end.

Although I write fiction, my characters become very real to me. (Is this normal? I have no idea and I have no author friends to ask.) Their love for one another, their strengths, their flaws are all part of who they are. I write about strong women, I am one, but I also know there is nothing better than being held by a loving man when the world goes off kilter as it sometimes does. Having someone to hold you and tell you everything will be all right is a comfort, even if it might not be completely true. My theory is, “That’s okay Honey, just lie to me. It’s what I need right now.” The men in my stories are all strong willed and determined to win the women they love, but above all they are human. I like my men with heart and humor and not afraid to admit it when they make a mistake. Is there spanking? Well yes, occasionally a hard hand will make contact with a soft female bottom. If this offends you then you probably don’t want to buy my books. However, if a man giving the woman he loves a little guidance and discipline doesn’t give you the vapors, you might like them.

Sex? Yes there is sex or more appropriately, making love between my characters. I don’t like violence in any form so there is nothing I would consider harsh in any of my novels. I never want my female characters to be truly afraid or made to feel intimidated in any way, so everything is consensual even if they need a little coaxing to try something new, don’t we all? A little kink isn’t a bad thing and we all need to fly our freak flag every now and then.

Currently I am working on a new novel and once again the supporting characters are making noise about their own stories so it’s taking me longer than I had planned.

CHANGING HER MIND and LITTLE WHITE LIES are also available in paperback. You can also purchase them from Barnes & Noble if you have a nook, or from Blushing Books.

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