Sugar Babies, Inc. Book Two, Match Me If You Dare is now available.


Marcus learned two important lessons in life; trust your gut and never hide your true nature. The first made him a best-selling author, and the second kept him single. Dragging his twin brother Ty to a match-making party was a split-second decision. Sam, owner and CEO of Sugar Babies, Inc., made frequent offers to find him the perfect woman. ‘Perfect woman’ was an oxymoron and if such a creature existed, he wasn’t interested. It was difficult to justify spanking a well-behaved young lady and Marcus had no intention of giving up his favorite past-time. If nothing else, the party might help get the sassy red-head in the death- defying heels out of his head. 

The ‘Luck of the Irish’ eluded Susan, and she didn’t expect anything to change. Running into Sam on her bike was an accident, something she had plenty of experience with. It was amazing how quickly her life changed once she agreed to let Sugar Babies, Inc. find her a match. The suite, the clothes,and room service, all made her pinch herself several times a day. This was one man and a chance for a lasting relationship – a chance she had to take. Only two weeks ago, she had considered taking up the world’s oldest profession just to survive. 

Kelsey stood naked in front of a large mirror, critically taking note of her body. Small breasts, slim hips and short of stature, she could easily pass for a child. If someone were looking for a little girl of their own, she was certainly built for the job, she thought in disgust. The problem was she didn’t feel young; she felt old, ancient at times. Somewhere along the way all the joy had been sucked out of her. The past couple of weeks with Susan were the nicest she could remember. How long had it been since something struck her as funny, how long since she had slept an entire night without waking up in a panic? The last traces of her black eye had finally faded. Now if she could find a match who didn’t scare her half to death, she just might survive!

If some matches are made in heaven, surely no angel had a hand in this!  Seriously?  A spanking fetish?  And why did he have to be so hot?

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