Exerpt from Sugar Babies, Inc. Book I, A Sweet and Sassy Match



   When Jo entered the kitchen a short time later, the smell of bacon and fresh coffee made
her forget everything except how hungry she was. Sam seated her at the table and placed a plate
in front of her containing eggs, scrambled with cheese, peppers and onions, as well as several
slices of crisp bacon. Warm muffins appeared quickly along with fresh pineapple chunks and
     “This looks delicious,” Jo murmured appreciatively. “You are a man of hidden talents,
     “I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said, filling her coffee cup and sitting across from her.
     “It is, mostly,” she said and smiled.
     “Just mostly? Am I to assume that you find some of my talents undesirable?” he teased in
mock dismay.
     “That would be a pretty accurate assessment,” she answered, digging into her breakfast
with a moan of delight.
     “Fair enough,” Sam conceded, taking a bite of his eggs. “I can only hope in the future
that you will develop an appreciation for all my skills.”
     “Hope is good, Sam, just don’t hold your breath,” she shot back. “I doubt I’ll ever
discover an affinity for spanking.”
     “There are many kinds of spankings, Jo. You’ve only been exposed to the disciplinary
type. Someday, I plan on introducing you to a more erotic side.”
     “Erotic? You’ve got to be kidding me, right? What could possibly be erotic about being
pulled over your knee and having my bottom roasted? It sounds pretty standard to me.”
     “You’re wrong, honey. Some women find it extremely erotic to submit to the man they
love. Not all spankings are painful; some have just enough heat to inspire a different kind of
     “Well, I’m not from Missouri, but you’d still have to show me as I find it extremely
unlikely,” Jo snorted, plucking a juicy piece of fruit off the plate and pinning him with her eyes.
     “That would require you being well-behaved enough to be rewarded with an erotic
spanking. Based on the last few days, I don’t think it’s in the foreseeable future, sweetie,” Sam
said with a grin.
     “That’s not fair,” Jo complained. “Most people see me as a very responsible and
productive adult. I’ll have you know that I am held in very high regard by my peers.”
     “So, it’s only when you’re with me that you act like an irresponsible child, incapable of
taking care of even your most basic needs, such as eating and not hanging out of windows by
your knees? That’s interesting,” Sam said with a curious look on his face.
     “That’s not true,” Jo insisted, flinging down her napkin and rising from her chair. With
her hands on the table, she leaned toward him, her eyes flashing. “I just don’t think it’s fair for
you to spank me in a painful way and then refuse to show me how an erotic spanking feels!”
     “Ten minutes ago, you were insisting that you didn’t want any spankings of any kind.
Are you now asking me to spank you?” he asked, trying not to laugh.
     “No, I just…I don’t…. Never mind. You are a bully,” Jo told him angrily.
     “And you are a brat. Now sit down and finish your breakfast before you get exactly the
kind of spanking you don’t want.”
     Jo sat. This man could twist up her words before she even knew what hit her. Imagine
complaining because he refused to spank her! She needed her head examined.

Sugar Babies, Inc.  Book II,  Match Me If You Dare, is due to be released later this week.  All of my books are avaliable on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Blushing Books.

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