Breaking the drought

I’m a writer, or at least I thought so until about six weeks ago.  One hundred sixty-seven pages into my fifth novel and Bam! Nothing, nada, zilch.  I had not one thing to say.  For the first two weeks I stared helplessly at my computer.  I reread what I had previously written, sometimes that helps, but not this time.  I called my sisters and discussed my problem.  I got plenty of sympathy, but no ideas.  I painted my ceilings and woodwork,  still nothing so I started cooking.  Homemade Potato  Salad, Crazy Cake with Fudge frosting, Baked Ziti with sausage and tons of cheese, Chili and the list goes on.  My husband was ecstatic and I lost ten pounds, go figure.

My publisher emailed me.  “Hey what’s up? Are you working?”  Nope.

Then finally sweet inspiration!!! I got an emailed from author Mary Quast letting me know she was going to use my first novel Changing Her Mind as a ‘Tuesday Teaser’ on her blog, Romantic Interludes on August 13th.  I wrote back to her to thank her and told her of my difficulty.  Mary had some advise for me about writing what I love and it was just what I needed to hear.  I took it to heart and ran with it writing seventy-five pages in three days and another ten today.  Woot Woot!

I came out of my office today and found my husband, telling him :

“Honey, I need some TLC.”

“You’ve come to the right store,” he said, pulling me into his arms.  God how I love that man.

So a big Thank You to Mary Quast for being so supportive. Check out her blog on 8/13 and read the blurb for Changing Her Mind.


2 thoughts on “Breaking the drought

    • Mary’s advice was really very simple. Write from the heart, using your own voice. When you try to force something, either because you think it will sell well or to please a publisher, you lose your creativity. That’s exactly what happened to me. I thought I could write a certain type of novel that I noticed was selling well but in the end I couldn’t go in that direction. After I went back and deleted things I wasn’t comfortable with, I was able to move forward. The entire focus of the story changed and my mind took off. Now that one book has turned into a trilogy that will be out over the next couple of months and it’s a series I like. I understand the characters, what motivates them and I care what happens to them. There is a connection that was missing for me and that’s why I was so stuck in place. I’m not a prize winning author and never will be, but I like what I’m doing again and that makes all the difference.

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